Professional Auction Script Software by PHP Pro Bid
Professional Auction Script Software by PHP Pro Bid

Oct. 17, 2017
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As a gratitude for your registration be in you registered as a seller who have an online store with us( congratulations on that too and wish you all the best of luck) or a buyer who have a successful purchase and we know you love it, For everyone we are giving free e books as a gratitude . Once you have registered as a seller or buyer you will receive a free eBook , directly from your email (the one you have use to register with us). This will be sent within 24 hours upon registration

You may opt to buy premium eBook from us too and even help us selling them or be our partner affiliate. We have premium licensed eBook and materials for sale to, But we are giving some for free specially to our registered buyers and seller.

Okay what if you don’t want an eBook, No eBook had been sent in the last 24 hours, You want another offer or simply you just need help, All you need is to reach us via contact us page, Here’s how.

Select the contact us menu , it is just below the help file, see the picture

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